Say Hello to Goodbye


Summer’s ease is slowly coming to an end. The long lines on ice cream stands are getting shorter and the bright colors of summer are changing into golden and maroon shades of autumn.  Keep reading

How I travelled 5 Countries in One Day


After fighting my way through Berlin’s jungle of public transportation, I found myself in a Chinese teahouse unable to decide between a “Golden Monkey”, the “Tear of a Dragon” and the “Mist of a Mountain”.

I believe that the best way to find the deepest appreciation of a place is staying a while to create a new memory. Keep reading

An Escape to Rostock


What comes to my mind when I think back to when I was about five years old is what an unbelievably happy and carefree childhood I had. –And yet, there were important things to get done each day: The chalk drawing on the street was not going to finish itself! Keep reading

Rhein in Flames


There I was: A little bundle of joy in the middle of a crowd pressing my fingers into my ears as hard as I possibly could. Darshon was singing along to the song “What a Wonderful World“ and Inka was screaming of excitement, as we were all looking up into the sky watching the fireworks over the Rhein. Keep reading

Koblenz- The Flowing City


It’s not always easy having a friend who lives miles away from you. Long-distance-friendships demand patience, creativity and the love of a true friendship. But there are moments where the true magic of your friendship comes to show.  Keep reading

A Book in the Library


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Every friendship is a story.

If you found yourself in a library with every single story of yours put down in a different book, then there would be two kinds of books: One with a beginning, a main part and an ending. Another that will never finish since new pages are added every day. Once in a while, Keep reading