How I travelled 5 Countries in One Day


After fighting my way through Berlin’s jungle of public transportation, I found myself in a Chinese teahouse unable to decide between a “Golden Monkey”, the “Tear of a Dragon” and the “Mist of a Mountain”.

I believe that the best way to find the deepest appreciation of a place is staying a while to create a new memory. Keep reading


Small Town Flair


Hello everyone and greetings from sunny Germany. 🙂

There is something particularly interesting about traveling in one’s homecountry: A sense of familiarty and enstrangement Keep reading

A Book in the Library


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Every friendship is a story.

If you found yourself in a library with every single story of yours put down in a different book, then there would be two kinds of books: One with a beginning, a main part and an ending. Another that will never finish since new pages are added every day. Once in a while, Keep reading