Yes, We Called It Our Sans-Souci


It’s the time of the year where people are slowly transitioning from summer excitement to autumn feels. Even though it’s still warm outside and the sun is shining bright, the cozy cafès along the Brandenburger Street are slowly starting to fill up more and more. Even I am catching myself leaning back in an old arm chair, listening to cafè music and holding a Pumpkin Spice Latte in my hands.

On the one hand, I am so glad about true autumn vibes being just around the corner, (I honestly can’t wait to dig out some decoration from the dusty boxes on our attic!) but on the other hand, I would like to hold on to summer just a little longer. To me, summer is the season of relaxation and ease. The heat and sunshine appear to be enough of a reason to spend the day eating ice cream or to lie at the beach reading a book.

So, to take the summer back for a moment, I thought I’d revisit one of Darshon’s and my recent summer afternoons.

We went to Sanssouci Park, which is known for its palace, the Sanssouci Palace. It’s the heart of the park and Potsdam’s whole pride. Even though I have lived here for so long, there is something magical and simply impressive about this place that always draws me back there.

When walking to Sanssouci from the city center, the first view is simply breathtaking: The palace is placed on top of a hill and stands magnificently above the whole park. Once passing the fountain, which reaches a few meters up in the air and is surrounded by a circle of status of Roman Gods and the elements, most tourists must climb up the staircase with over one hundred steps up to reach the top. On each side of the staircase are wine plants and if you are lucky, you can pick some ripe grapes!

The palace is decorated with gold and statues. There is so much to admire. It takes you back to a time where horses are pulling the carriages up to the palace where women in extravagant dresses wait until the doors are opened to gracefully reach their hand out to be led down the steps.

Darshon and I crossed a small bridge to enter the park. We often stop there to feed the (always hungry) ducks. It has become our monthly tradition.

I still remember how bright and warm it was that summer day. Family, friends, couples… Everyone was out! I wish for another day like this before the world disappears under a sea of autumn colors….












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