Say Hello to Goodbye


Summer’s ease is slowly coming to an end. The long lines on ice cream stands are getting shorter and the bright colors of summer are changing into golden and maroon shades of autumn. 

Most people are returning from their relaxing summer vacation and going into their routines once again. It seems half of Potsdam is rushing through the Brandenburger Straße this afternoon after a busy day of work. As some are hurrying to the bus stop, others are on their way to pick up their kids from school or to finish their grocery shopping for the day.

The streets that had been flooded with tourists and street artists are now getting emptier. Most travelers who come to Potsdam at this time only make a quick stop here on their way to the Oktoberfest down in Bavaria.

Also, we will be going back to university in a few weeks. Just yesterday, I put together my schedule for the next semester. I am actually very excited to see everyone again. Each and every semester, university becomes a little bit more of a home and the students a little more like family.

But before I am ready for my life to go back to normal, there is one more thing I have to do.

Today, I will be putting my hiking shoes on, strapping on my backpack and disappearing for a few weeks on the Jakobsweg, which is also known as “The Way of St. James” or “El Camino de Santiago”. I have always dreamed about hiking this trail like many others before me. Once I had the image put in my mind, it only took a conversation with Mark, my partner in crime, and an afternoon in a Starbucks cafè. For now, I am simply overwhelmed with excitement! As much as I am in it for the great scenery and spending the next couple of weeks outside, I am also in it for the adventure.

I have to admit that it’s my first time hiking such a long distance. We are starting in Toulouse, France, all the way across the border to Puente la Reina, Spain.


I believe it’s a great chance to get away from the city and escape the rush for a while. There will only be myself walking step by step under the sun (or in the rain). I cherish the time I have for myself, since to me, the ground stone to a happy life is being connected with your inner self and really understanding who you are and what in life you are looking for.

So for now, I just wanted to say goodbye for a while. I am so happy to have met so many inspiring bloggers on my blogging journey so far. It really has been great! Thank you so much! So when I come back, I hope to continue right where I left off.

One last brief look and then I will close my laptop.



Have great start into October, everybody!





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