How Is That Working Out For You?


Being a lazy bum can be a great thing. You have plenty of extra time that you don’t have to spend in the gym (after all, a good book and some food are fine thing, aren’t they?). Also, you give your mind the chance to wander off, to get lost in deep thought and to be inspired. 

Just thinking about the sweat dropping from your face while your muscles are aching, making you actually have to fight minute for minute to keep going with this ridiculous activity…. Argh!

Honestly, that was not working out for me at all. As I really enjoy doing nothing for a short period of time, it’s nothing I can pursue in the long run.

3 Symptoms that tell me that I need to work out:

  • Desperately looking out of the window for an awkwardly long amount of time
  • Starting to greet other joggers as if I was still one of them
  • Not liking what I see in the mirror

Now, and for a long time coming, I have been back to putting my trainers on a few times a week! And guess what: There is no better feeling.

I am working on myself for myself by myself!

I am absolutely loving it! I would actually say that the times I worked out in my life have been the happiest.

Running has always been my favorite. I enjoy the feeling of being out there between the earth and the sky, the sun on my skin, the wind blowing through my shirt and only my way in front of me. You would be surprised how many people are out in the fields early in the morning: Joggers, walkers, dog walkers, and bikers. Us joggers smile at each other and make a two finger wave just as if we were running buddies. The jogging community in fact is quite a large one and welcoming one to anybody no matter what age, size or level you are on! And (who would have thought) I met my sweetheart Darshon four years ago on the Cross Country team when I was in high school in the US. When I was training for long distance runs, my mum always joked that I would probably find my boyfriend standing at the end of the race asking one boy after another if they wanted to be my “Running Man”.

About two to three times a week, I would go to the fitness center in Potsdam. It’s my source of motivation, since so many others go there competing with themselves and pushing themselves to their limits.

Just recently, another blogger (1617 Sunshine Avenue) gave me the push I needed to try yoga. Thank you so much! I have to say that I am far from being a very flexible person or simply a flexible person to begin with. But the daily practice early in the morning has been such a great way to start the day. To me, yoga is the study of kindness, of being a humble person and of love. It’s a way of letting go of any stress in life.

Will I keep working out? Definitely “YES”! From now on any kind of excuse will be put to the side as “Blablabla” with a kick of “Just Do It” at the end. 😉

Not only because of these smashing results that start to show, but because of the joy and pride of a workout. How many times did I stand there breathless thinking “Woah, I just did this?”? I am becoming a fitter and healthier person each day. Working out also gives me the confidence and energy to go through life and go on adventures more often.


Ready to go for a run in the fields.



Desperately wishing to be as much of a yogi as these two frogs.


How about a swim? 😉


This could be you! 😀

Risk factors with working out:

  • “crying” fat
  • Your body looking better than your face
  • Actually becoming as fast as the “Flash”

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to grab a mat, put on some trainers or whatever working out is to you, and let’s do it!

I hope you enjoyed this post! 🙂




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