Thank You, Potsdam


This comes out of the heart of a girl who is absolutely in love with her hometown. Never before have I been in a town where more joy can be found than here in Potsdam.

It’s the tram driver who blinks his front lights and waves his arms up in the air when he passes one of his other fellow drivers. Your fitness trainer giving you motivation on your way before you are about to sweat for your goals once again. It might even be your old math teacher who takes off her whole break just to chat with you and find out how you are doing. Or someone living on your block blasting ACDC, making you want to open your window and sing along. Or a person moving in, leaving a note and a bag of gummibears in front of your door to simply say „Hello“. All of this makes Potsdam so special to me.

Another great thing about Potsdam is that it’s a big city, yet small enough to run into the same people you see everyday. Just recently, I ran into an old friend from high school sitting in a cafè. She immediately offered me a seat at her table and I stayed a little to catch up. So in Potsdam, you really never know how your day will turn out to be. –Whatever it is, there’s a high chance it’s going to be great!

Just walking down the Brandenburger Straße, one of the most iconic streets in Potsdam, already leaves you with a good feeling because of all the streetartists –no matter what age- or our server at Darshon’s and my favourite restaurant, who still believes we are tourits every single time we go. ^^

But it’s not just the Potsdamers who make Potsdam “Potsdam“. It’s also the tourists. When I was working at an ice cream stand last year, it was hard for me to decide why I staying there for so long: It must have either been the love of ice cream or the love of tourists. Too often, people from all over the world stop by and stay a little longer for a chat. It’s the little things people do that simply make my day.

Thank you for making Potsdam such a special place!




Saturday morning on Potsdam’s market.




City life on the Brandenburger Straße.



Looking for great taste for little money? Try a Döner!


YUM! Döners! 😀





So if you are ever around, make sure to swing by. Otherwise you might just miss out on a chance to have a perfect day. 😀

Have a great weekend, everybody!




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