Happiness in a Cone


Life has its defining moments: Graduating, starting our first job, getting our first paycheck, driving for the first time, moving into our first apartment, falling in love (not in that order of course, but)…. All in all, comparing these milestones with a stranger, you will find yourself with definitely more than one in common. What makes each and every single one special though, is the unique story behind them and the path that led you there. 

As most of them are a consequence of having more responsibility and growing up, others are the result from big dreams. No matter where you are in your life right now, never stop reaching out for the stars. Every journey starts with one crazy idea followed by a step by step way to the end. Say “yes” more often! Get out of your comfort zone! Forget about what others think! And take opportunities!

About a year ago, Darshon probably took the biggest risk in his life so far and booked a one-way-ticket to Germany. Since then, his life has been a rollercoaster ride that hopefully takes him to a German university in the future.

The big moments seem to pass one by one right now and as he finished language school a week ago, he already is starting a new chapter of his life: “A Cone of Happiness” is the title. -And as you are wrapping your thoughts around ice cream in your head, I have to tell you that that’s unfortunately not it, despite agreeing that ice cream can also be seen as a cone of happiness that comes in many different flavors; starting with chocolate and ending with mango sorbet. 😀

So in the end, it’s even better!

In Germany, it’s a tradition that on the first day of school the students (usually in first grade) get a Zuckertüte (candy cone?) which is filled with all kinds of candies and presents. But since this is Darshon’s first day at a German school, I considered it as an experience he could simply not miss out on.

I remember how happy I was getting mine. It was so big that it reached up all the way to my shoulders!

Mark and I accompanied Darshon to his ceremony in the morning. I honestly could not be any prouder of him! Especially because I am aware how nervous he was. One adrenaline rush had followed another and before he got on the bus that day, he made sure for one last time that this is the next big step he had to take.

I am aware that going to a German school will come with a lot of struggles and probably even more meltdowns, but I also imagine it to be a rewarding and joyful time.  From here on, all I can do is keep my fingers crossed and give him the best possible support. Best of luck to my sweetheart! ❤ I believe in you! ❤ ❤ ❤


The Zuckertüte


Darshon and I went out to the Buga Park in Potsdam to take pictures of his first day.







Keep calm and follow your dreams! 🙂



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