Rollin’ in an Endless Summer


A while ago, I received a postcard with only three words on it: “Ride a bike”. When I asked for an inspiring card, I had no idea that one like this would find its way into my postbox. “Ride a bike”?! To be honest, I found nothing inspiring about this card at all (at first). I remember looking at it over and over again trying to understand why someone decided to send me this exact card out of all the ones out there. But in the end, it must have sparked something off inside of me, because eventually it led to a great biking adventure!

It was such a beautiful summer day. The weather could have not been any better and I believe everyone who decided to spend the day inside instead was a fool!

My mum and I got our bikes and went around the lake Schwielowsee near Potsdam. It wasn’t long until we left the city behind us where the streets with big houses on each side turned into beautiful alleys. Here and there were little chalkboards where farmers advertised their fresh fruit and vegetables.

Our ride let us all the way to Caputh. My family and I once lived there for two years. Caputh is known for Einstein’s summer residence and for its large variety of relaxation spots. In fact, it has a beautiful river walk along the river Havel. The breeze and shade felt so nice in the midday sun. While some were lucky to get a seat on a bench, other’s simply brought their own chairs to watch the boats float by. Eating ice cream, fishing and feeding the ducks and swans are the most popular activities to pass a gorgeous afternoon there. Although in that hour, the ducks laid in the grass like brown rocks taking their afternoon naps.

The old wooden whale at the playground for children to climb on had lost its color and now resembles the childhood I once had there. I made so many beautiful memories. That’s where I learned to read and do my first calculations. That’s where I met my first childhood boyfriend. That’s where I got my first pet, my beloved cat Minki.

So many people were out that day! Even the elderly got their walking sticks and left the house! -Which is incredible, since there is nothing more important than still being fit and active in old age! Everyone tried to get their portion of sunshine in for the day. –And maybe a little more to store in their pockets for later. Who can blame them? 😉

The day I had with my mum means so much to me. Since I am on vacation, I try to spend more time with my family. It breaks my heart when my schedule is so stuffed that I can’t make time for them. I would be buried in school work and all my thoughts revolve around is variables and equations. Even though I am so thankful for this wonderful opportunity to study and to experience university life, cutting time short for my parents is what I dread most.

I hope there will be more days like this! Cheers -To more fun days with family ahead!


On our way to Caputh



We took the ferry “Tussy 2” across the Havel.





Resting in the Petzower Park




This little fellow got lots of cuddles when we got back home. I love my Minki. ❤


I hope you enjoyed this post. 😀

How do you spend a nice summer day? 🙂





4 thoughts on “Rollin’ in an Endless Summer

  1. Bethy says:

    Summer is by far my favorite season. You know us, we love the beach! We were there today and will go back tomorrow. That is after all the biggest reason we moved to Sheboygan!

    Liked by 1 person

    • sweetjini says:

      I am sure you had a blast! I can only imagine you guys leanging back in your chairs, turning on the music and simply enjoying the sun… I hope you have a great time at the beach today! 🙂


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