How I travelled 5 Countries in One Day


After fighting my way through Berlin’s jungle of public transportation, I found myself in a Chinese teahouse unable to decide between a “Golden Monkey”, the “Tear of a Dragon” and the “Mist of a Mountain”.

I believe that the best way to find the deepest appreciation of a place is staying a while to create a new memory. It could be anything. For some people it is buying a postcard, for others it is sitting down and reading another chapter of their book or taking some time to get lost in thought… To me, it was drinking a cup of tea to let the vibe of the Chinese garden sink in. The teahouse was right at the water and from where Mark and I sat, we could overlook the whole pond. The big pavilion and the bamboo on the other side were mirrored in the water’s reflection. Everything was so perfectly calm.

China obviously was not our only stop on the list. After all, I had my travel backpack with me for a reason! We spent a whole day in the “Gärten der Welt” going from one country to another.

Particularly, the Asian gardens let you to get in touch with yourself and let your mind wander off as long you gave it a chance. In the Japanese garden, we sat down looking at the dry waterfall. The clear structure of the gravel, symbolizing the movement of waves, created such a strong feeling of harmony which is only for the peaceful observer to see.

But that day was not all about confronting our inner selves. Gosh no! Moreover it was enjoying a day with a friend and escaping the hot sun in the shade. As we lie in the sun beds, some took out their sparkling wine to enjoy a glass with their companions while others chased their kids up the hills.

Our last destination was my absolute highlight: the Oriental Garden. It’s slightly secluded by its surrounding walls from the rest of the park and can only be reached by passing through a magnificent entrance hall. The burbling water fountains give the garden its charm.

On our tour, we also stopped at the Korean and German Garden.

Maybe next year I can strap my travel backpack on again and go for a little round trip with my friend for another round.

I took a few pictures for you from this hot summer day. Enjoy! 😀



The Korean Garden


The Japanese Garden


The Chinese Garden





The Christian Garden



The Oriental Garden



Let me know in the comments below if you have a fun trip coming up soon!

Happy travels everybody and have a great weekend!






9 thoughts on “How I travelled 5 Countries in One Day

    • sweetjini says:

      Thank you so much for this lovely comment. You have no idea how happy your kind words make me! Actually, I believe you just made my day. -I am not even kidding! 🙂
      Thank you for joining me on this crazy blogging journey… :* ❤
      I came across your blog a few times already as well and I believe that you are a crazy-good blogger! Keep it up! 🙂


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