Dear Family


Sometimes I find it hard to give things the time and place they deserve.
So I thought I’d kick off this sunny Monday morning with a few words to the people who matter the most to me. – Yes, I am talking about my family.

I discovered that no one can love as selflessly and unconditionally the way parents do. So many times in my life, they have put me before their own wishes to provide with a life of possibilities and chances for me that they probably never had. Not until that very day have I ever taken that for granted and I never will.

They gave me more than enough freedom and trust to figure out who I want to be while never stopping to inspire me with different views on the world. If it taught me anything, it’s that I should always keep an open mind and to try new things while discovering new sides of myself.

I have always had their support with the little and big events in my life. It didn’t matter if it was a silly little quiz in high school or a horrible break-up. I remember being in the hospital for a week after I got my tonsils taken out. I was so scared of the surgery back then, but when I woke up after, both of my parents were right there with me and smiled. Until today, this means so incredibly much. Days after, I actually couldn’t speak and yet my dad came by every day after work to check on me. He would buy me an ice cream and take me out for a walk in the yard.

Even though we had our disagreements, I know you have your protective hand over me and all you want for me is to be safe. And that is priceless! So even when you go through periods of sadness and pain in your life, it gives you the feeling that everything will eventually be okay again.

To me, family is also a place of forgiveness and second chances; A place where one can always find an open ear. You are the people I respect most in life: The ones whose opinion matters before everyone else.

My family has been there for all my big moments. When I go back through my memories, my family is in nearly all of them! From my first walking steps, to my first day of school, later my first day of University, all the way until I moved out and along with all the moments that are to follow. I can see you at my 30th birthday, my first day of work as a teacher, the times I work abroad, my wedding…. I know you will be in all of these memories, because there is absolutely no one I would rather share these milestones with.
You are these kinds of people who would randomly call or stop their car when passing by for no particular reason just to see how I am doing. There have been countless summers that we spent in your garden, sitting around the table, reading our books while chatting and eating cake. Including all the nights we spent together watching our favorite shows even though we probably know most of the episodes by heart. I have a feeling that there will be more of those. 😉

In this whole world, I will probably never find anyone who gives me a sense of home the way you do. Sometimes I’m here and there while my mind is… who knows where?… but in the end, I will always come back to you.

You made me the person I am today. Someone who respects and loves herself. Someone who surrounds herself with wonderful people. Someone who doesn’t give up on things she believes in. Someone who is adventurous. Someone who sees beauty in the little things….

I am so thankful for having all of you in my life! I love you more than any daughter could possibly love their family.

You are everything to me!

Love, Jana

I attached a few pictures to this post that my mum took when we went to the “Neuer Garten” in Potsdam.

Enjoy 🙂










Have a wonderful start in your week, everybody! 🙂





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