An Escape to Rostock


What comes to my mind when I think back to when I was about five years old is what an unbelievably happy and carefree childhood I had. –And yet, there were important things to get done each day: The chalk drawing on the street was not going to finish itself! Also, I was the caring mother of six dolls, who all needed to go for a walk in the stroller and take a bath before they get stinky! Other than that, I was proven to be an architect of multiple mud castles at that time 😉 What can I say? I was simply a kid! 😀  At the end of every excitement-packed day, I would snuggle up in my bed with the farm-duck Gustav, my favourite soft toy at the time. My parents would sit down next to me and read out a fairy tale every night. There is nothing more beautiful than the story of a princess finding her true love to a little girl! As I listened closely to every word, I couldn’t help but to stare at these perfect drawings that made the story come to life. The villages were always so pretty! To my mind, a special combination of old architechture and nature enchants a place. You can only imagine the life behind these walls: You would probably find a slightly overdone floral decoration with a big comfy chair to lean back in and spend the afternoon reading your favourite book while eating cookies or sipping on a cup of tea.

Following the remaining ruins of Rostock’s ancient city wall, it lead my friend Mark and I to a rural and absolutely beautiful neighbourhood just like this. It only seemed like a matter of time until modern-day Belle from “Beauty and the Beast“ would walk down the street carrying a basket around her arm and holding an open book in her hands.

Mark and I got completly lost in the beauty of Rostock. We followed the streets we thought looked the neatest across the harbor all the way to the heart of Rostock: There was one ice cream stand next to another, street artist by street artist… The place was full of life! In the middle of this whirl of excitement was the “Brunnen der Lebensfreude“, which translates into “Fountain of Joy of Life“, where kids toyed around the statues. As Mark and I went with the flow, we ended up being simply captivated by a magic show: without a bunny, but a top hat and a deck of cards, the magician made his audience go wild and I was only one trick away from having my head explode … Well, what can I say? It was magic. 😉

Rostock’s biggest treasures are hidden in magnificent buildings, such as towers or churches. In the St.-Marien-Kirche, translates into “Church of Our Lady“, we found an Astronomical Clock from medieval times. It’s simply impressive how much detail had been put into this masterpiece. After it’s ringing to the full hour, it plays a short melody. Incredible!

All in all, it was a pictureperfect day!

Enjoy the pictures!!!! 🙂


One of Rostock’s gates.


Ruins of the city wall.


14102960_1080403768694543_6432033620114135072_o (1)

14107897_1080403945361192_4189377454972730280_o (1)

14125015_1080404102027843_4040374055924569203_o (1)

14054535_1080404152027838_4566168639326080764_o (1)




We watched the big tourist boats come in while the smaller boats float by.




Travel buddies for life! 😀


When someone tells you a good joke.


If you had a ticket that could get you anywhere for a day, where where would you go? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this post!





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