Rhein in Flames


There I was: A little bundle of joy in the middle of a crowd pressing my fingers into my ears as hard as I possibly could. Darshon was singing along to the song “What a Wonderful World“ and Inka was screaming of excitement, as we were all looking up into the sky watching the fireworks over the Rhein. I could not have been any happier in this very moment. Everything seemed so perfect. As I looked up to Darshon, he gave me a reasuring glance and smiled, and I thought ‘there is absolutely nobody I’d rather share this moment with‘.

I always thought that fireworks present something bigger, as they create an incredibly special and warm aura. Just think about your last 4th of July, New Year’s Eve or endless other celebrations. I am sure you felt the spark! Probably, because whenever we see fireworks, it always happens to be the ending of a great day or the beginning of something very special. And it’s always with the people who matter the most in life. For a short moment, life stops and we begin to count our blessings. …just the way I was counting mine that night.

The fireworks were the highlight of the festival “Rhein in Flammen“, which translates into “Rhein in Flames“. Cruise ships decorated with an endless amount of lights in different colors came from all over to watch the colorful display in the sky.

As soon as Darshon, Inka and I entered the festival area, we were thrilled. There was cotton candy, gingerbread hearts, ferris wheels, gambling machines, loud music… Everything that you would associate with a festival- trust me- it was there! Lost in the sea of smells and lights, we spotted so many things we needed to try out –And we did all of them! 😀 I had totally forgotten the feeling of cotton candy melting in my mouth. Can you even believe this?

For just this weekend, we forgot about the bills we had to pay and were simply kids.

The whole festival was such a blast! So if you‘re ever in Koblenz around August, you would be a fool to miss it!








Inka and I having a splash fight in the fountains while cooling our feet.




Grandma and Granny on tour. 😉



Tonight we are kings and queens.


Hope you enjoyed this post. 🙂

Have a great week, everybody!





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