Koblenz- The Flowing City


It’s not always easy having a friend who lives miles away from you. Long-distance-friendships demand patience, creativity and the love of a true friendship. But there are moments where the true magic of your friendship comes to show. 

I have to admit that when Darshon and I got on the train to Koblenz, we had no idea what a treat we were in for. Seeing my friend Inka again felt as if we just met a week ago for a cup of tea and continued from where we left off. To me, friendships like these are the most precious ones.

Our time in Koblenz had been nothing but a delight. It is such a gorgeous city that makes every girl’s heart grow fonder. In the labyrinth of streets and small alleys, you can find a large variety of adorable little stores and sweet cafès. Together with the romantic architecture, it creates the atmosphere of wandering through an old movie set.

What I believe gives Koblenz its real character though, is the merging of the two rivers the Mosel and the Rhein. Down by the riverside, the pace of the city life seems to slow down and people take a moment to appreciate and admire the majestic large bodies of water.

We were lucky to take a lift across the Rhein. –Saw it, took it, loved it!- That was definitely a highlight! Up in the air, the pure beauty of nature was impossible to ignore. Last time Darshon and I took a lift, he was so afraid of heights that he swore he would never ride one again. Overcoming his fear and holding on tight made me especially proud of him.

Once we were up the hill, we had a scenic view over Koblenz.  I happen to have a memory for happy people, like these laughing American tourists, who seemed to be having the time of their lives. –Just like we were. 😉

I have to warn you: This time I attached a lot of photos of our time in Koblenz. But don’t worry, I won’t be insulted if you have to take a little break in between.

Enjoy 🙂




Could not agree more. Who counts calories on weekends, hm? 😉




The way my heart begins to beat faster when I see pizza!


Riverside walk along the Mosel


Darshon relaxing at the “Deutsches Eck”, where the Mosel and the Rhein come together.




Riverside walk along the Rhein




We were right above the Rhein! In this photo you can also see my friend Inka. She is such a wonderful loving young lady. Our trip would not have been the same without her. ❤




I thought I would end this post with two happy faces. 😉


Have a wonderful weekend, everybody. 😀





4 thoughts on “Koblenz- The Flowing City

    • sweetjini says:

      Thank you so much! I really was hoping that you and your family would find a lot of joy reading this 🙂 Blogging to me is such a fun challenge that gives me the chance to appreciate each day a little bit more….


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