Small Town Flair


Hello everyone and greetings from sunny Germany. 🙂

There is something particularly interesting about traveling in one’s homecountry: A sense of familiarty and enstrangement seem to go hand in hand. So even though you feel at home, you somehow seem to be far away at the same time.

So when Darshon and I escaped the big city for a while and visited a friend of mine in Koblenz, I discovered a completely different side of Germany. We stayed in Güls, which is further out from the city center. The moment we got there, I fell in love with this place.

The old architechture of the frame houses in the small town gave me the feeling of being shifted back in time. Wine plants that were growing up the walls of the buildings and also above the streets added a romantic flair to the city that is indescribable.

The whole town appeared so calm when yet there was life to be found everywhere. The moment Darshon and I walked into a little street cafè, the town showed how much love there could be found: There was laughter and –more importantly- there was hot chocolate 😉 (Hold on, did I just say “chocolate“? Yum!) Compared to other cafès, this one was relatively smaller, allowing the owner to create one big conversation between all the customers instead of having their own little chats between themselves and their friends. Anybody could have easily joined in!

This whole place had given me freedom: The freedom of not only being free, but also a freedom of choice, which in combination with the other, created a day with a lot of twists. I had absolutely no idea how the day was going to turn out.

Darshon, who happens to be quite an adventurer, took my hand and hiked up a hill through a vine yard, where you could overlook the whole town. It was simply beautiful. By the time we were up the hill, it was hard for me to put my camera down again. Behind every corner, the scenery seemed to change over and over again.

So I hope you enjoy going through the pictures I took throughout the day. 😉










“Captain Grapefruit” by my side. ❤



Doesn’t this look delicious? Darshon’s cup of coffee with lot’s of whipped cream. It also came with a heart-shaped cookie. How cute. ❤


The city is right at the river Mosel and at the river you always find birds waiting to be fed. Obviously. ^^


This was my first time seeing a water rat. They are such big, curious animales.


So that’s it for today 😉

Have a great day, guys!





5 thoughts on “Small Town Flair

  1. says:

    Jana, you’re smart to explore your home country, because no matter where you travel, a sense of place and home will make the experience better. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Germany, and its long and complex history, Medieval villages, hearty food and great beer make it a wonderful destination. Lots of Americans dream of traveling to Germany, so your posts should be well received. Best of luck in the new blog. BTW, I love the grape photos. ~James

    Liked by 1 person

    • sweetjini says:

      Thank you so much for leaving such a lovely and thoughtful comment. I highly appreciate it. Sounds like you had a great stay in Germany. I am actually really excited to check out the section about my homecountry on your blog. It’s always interesting to find out about other people’s thoughts and what they found worth seeing. I wish you happy travels for the future! 🙂


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