Once Upon a Time



As Cinderella is waiting for her carriage to come, Darshon and I are patiently waiting for our ferry to take us to a magical place. The Pfaueninsel (“Peacock Island“) is one of Berlin’s beautiful pearls. From far away, one can already spot the beautiful white palace shining through the trees. The rose gardens, wide variety of architechture and the surrounding water create an enchanting flair of the island that takes you back to a time with princesses, romance and wealth. No wonder tourists from all over the world are streaming to this romantic island. As Darshon and I sit down under two old chestnuttrees with the sun creating an artistic pattern on the ground, we can’t help to imagine this place as a forgotten setting for a  fairytale that hasn’t been written yet. The  highlight of this place are the peacocks (obviously), whom walk around freely all over the island. They are such graceful animals that the young and old admire. Darshon and I always have to smirk when little kids try to get the bird’s attention by trying to feed them or making an obvious attempt of getting closer.

 Darshon and I have visited the island before. Needless to say, this time the experience was a completely different one even though barely anything has changed over the years. So while we were walking down memory lane, we created new precious memories.

When him and I are together, we tend to create this little bubble around us with our own little jokes and our own stories. I can’t appreciate enough the time that we spend laughing together and sharing thoughts.

Who knows? Maybe we will come back here as grandparents and live happily ever after.








I don’t even want to think about how far we walked that day. It definitely felt good taking off our shoes when we got home after spending so much time outside in the sunshine.



This is the view we had sitting on the bench under the trees. What a great spot for a lunchbreak!


Seems like we were not the only ones having a good day. 😉

I hope you guys have a good start in your week as well. 😀





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