A Book in the Library


13876231_1065658150169105_596631460542742601_n (1)

Every friendship is a story.

If you found yourself in a library with every single story of yours put down in a different book, then there would be two kinds of books: One with a beginning, a main part and an ending. Another that will never finish since new pages are added every day. Once in a while, I like to take one of these books off the shelf and let it take me back through past memories.

Imagine you are standing in the middle of your library. Now take your favourite book off the shelf and flip it to the very first page. How did you even become friends?

My favourite book is called „Mark“. Sometimes there are events that bring people closer together, while others just grow on you over time. Mark was different. Mark entered my life immediately as a friend. If I flipped our book to the very first page, it would feature crazy inventions, ice cream and a picture of us shot by an infrared camera. 😉

When I went to Berlin today to see him again, it brought me back to the first week we met four years ago…. and I have to admit that I felt proud. Proud about how far our friendship has come over the years and about all the crazy things we shared: the Halloween parties we went to, our ridiculous workouts in the park, or how we stayed up a whole night just talking. (Shortest night of my life!)

So when I walked into the Starbuckscafè today, I was certain that ten years from now I would still have this happy face waiting for me ready to spend a whole afternoon catching up.



When I went to highschool in the US for a year, Mark sent me this postcard. I loved it so much that I pinned it inside my locker. Everyday, before class started, I glanced at it and smiled.


Can you spot us?


When I told Mark that I enjoy taking pictures of people, he asked me why I haven’t taken a picture of him yet. 😉



Us with laptops in a Starbuckscafè? Looks like we are up to something! –And we are 😉 But I will save this one for another time 😀





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