Park Vibes



Happy Monday, everybody! There is absolutely no better way starting the week than spending some time with your sweetheart. So we escaped our little apartment for a while and took a walk through Neuer Garten, Potsdam. To me, this park is more than just a beautiful place to hang out. Neuer Garten takes me back to so many wonderful moments: racing through it with the girls in PE class, spending time with my family, studying for my final exams and taking Darshon’s mother and grandmother here for their first time in Germany…. Should I go on? 😉

Neuer Garten is simply gorgeous in summer! It always feels like a trip away from the city! Behind every corner you are surprised by a view even more stunning than the one previous!

Darshon and I usually fool around when we are by ourselves. Once in a while, he would take my hand and spin me around and around until I get dizzy only to do the exact same thing again in the other direction 😀 We might look like silly fools, but I absolutely am in love with the moment when I fall laughing into his arms, holding on to him until I can finally walk again.


The Mamorpalais is one of the most beautiful places in the park. I absolutely love the combination of flowers and waterfountains. It just looks so perfect!



I love Darshon’s goofy smile. Especially when I am the reason for it. ❤


A perfect day for sure and another memory made at Neuer Garten! I am already looking forward to adding more in the future! 😀




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