Dear Family


Sometimes I find it hard to give things the time and place they deserve.
So I thought I’d kick off this sunny Monday morning with a few words to the people who matter the most to me. – Yes, I am talking about my family.

I discovered that no one can love as selflessly and unconditionally the way parents do. Keep reading


An Escape to Rostock


What comes to my mind when I think back to when I was about five years old is what an unbelievably happy and carefree childhood I had. –And yet, there were important things to get done each day: The chalk drawing on the street was not going to finish itself! Keep reading

Rhein in Flames


There I was: A little bundle of joy in the middle of a crowd pressing my fingers into my ears as hard as I possibly could. Darshon was singing along to the song “What a Wonderful World“ and Inka was screaming of excitement, as we were all looking up into the sky watching the fireworks over the Rhein. Keep reading

Koblenz- The Flowing City


It’s not always easy having a friend who lives miles away from you. Long-distance-friendships demand patience, creativity and the love of a true friendship. But there are moments where the true magic of your friendship comes to show.  Keep reading

Small Town Flair


Hello everyone and greetings from sunny Germany. 🙂

There is something particularly interesting about traveling in one’s homecountry: A sense of familiarty and enstrangement Keep reading

Once Upon a Time



As Cinderella is waiting for her carriage to come, Darshon and I are patiently waiting for our ferry to take us to a magical place. The Pfaueninsel (“Peacock Island“) is one of Berlin’s beautiful pearls. From far away, Keep reading

A Book in the Library


13876231_1065658150169105_596631460542742601_n (1)

Every friendship is a story.

If you found yourself in a library with every single story of yours put down in a different book, then there would be two kinds of books: One with a beginning, a main part and an ending. Another that will never finish since new pages are added every day. Once in a while, Keep reading

Park Vibes



Happy Monday, everybody! There is absolutely no better way starting the week than spending some time with your sweetheart. So we escaped our little apartment for a while and took a walk through Neuer Garten, Potsdam. Keep reading